Wednesday, April 26, 2006

an armless blazer, and a one skein wonder

Here's some (unfinished) pictures of the suit I made for my interview. These were taken over Easter weekend.

And so you get an idea of what I'll look like all corporate pimped out...

This suit DID get finished -- Friday morning, for a 3:00pm interview. Nothing like cutting it close! (Bad pun, I'm sorry.) But, it must have done the trick, because I just accepted a job offer from the company I interviewed with! That's right, I am now officially and gainfully employed.

I'll post some pics of the finished suit when I get back home. I had planned on making a bunch of work clothes as well, but I start working WAY too soon for that (right after finals), so I went out shopping and got some work wardrobe staples. I <3 H&M!

And finally, here's some (admittedly terrible) pictures of my One Skein Wonder. Glampyre rocks!

Just perfect for those cool spring evenings...

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naelany said...

*squeels and hugs* congratulations! I'm so proud of you! I knew you'd get a job right quick ^_^. And props for the suit ( of the attire in its full glory??), you look great (if a bit half dressed lol).