Friday, April 07, 2006

craft show results

If my rough calculations (based on how much inventory I had left when I was packing up) are correct, I netted $215 in this year's show! I'm thrilled! The new location was obviously a good choice.

My cut of this is $160, which is going towards two things that I've been meaning to get for a while very silly thing for myself, and one thing for someone else. Considering I only spent $5, because I had almost all the supplies I needed, I consider this to be a huge success. Hooray!



naelany said...

Woot!! Congrats! That's awesome, especially because you put out so little money this year. How much have you got left of your stuff? Will you be doing any more shows after this one?
I'm proud of you for doing so well, I knew you would, it's only a matter of time ^_~

A C Staargaard said...

Great job Amanda. Your table looked fantastic. Your stuff as usual was great.