Thursday, April 13, 2006

no pictures, because I suck

Actually, no pictures because it's late and I'm tired.

BUT I have exciting news. I have a job interview next week! It is for a job that I am very excited about, so send good vibes out to the universe next Friday afternoon.

I have decided that I have nothing to wear for said interview. And I'm broke. So! I'm making a blazer and skirt set. I tore through all the fabric I have here, and found a suitable grey suiting (pun intended). It actually was a piece of my mom's that I used as a tablecloth at the PSU craft fair last year. This will be a much sleeker incarnation. :)

I started at 6 pm and so far:
- The skirt is done except for a zipper (which I don't have here).
- The jacket outside is cut out completely.

I'm going to need to get interfacing this weekend, and cut out the lining, and maybe start assembling. With some diligent work, I should definitely have it completed for the interview. Awesome! I'll post some pictures when there's something exciting to see.

- I finished my One Skein Wonder (last week). Pictures soon.
- I finally, FINALLY finshed the last details on my Delia's-esque purse (buttons, and bias tape over the inside seams). Pictures in the near future.
- Also, I got the first T-shirt with my Movin' On logo on it! It looks really spiffy. Pictures following.
- I sent off two swap packages yesterday (a tote bag and some hadmade journals). I have two more to send out (a sock monkey kit and a wristlet with Jabba the Hutt on it), and I'm expecting three in return (a needle felting kit, a sewing goodies organizer, and a DOMOKUN cozy for my Dell DJ!!).
- I am getting something awesome in the mail sometime over the next few days...Details later.
- I sold my first item on Etsy! To a 'mystery shopper.' ;) Thanks, by the way! Hopefully this will spurn on a shopping frenzy.

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naelany said...

Ouh, good luck!!!!! *hugs* Let us know how it goes? Oh, and pictures of how you look, of course lol.