Sunday, April 02, 2006

B is for Bottle Caps

I had a fantastic weekend away, which lifted my tarnished spirits immeasurably, which in turn spurned me on with my craft show merchandise. Behold the products of today's labor:

50 pairs of bottlecap earrings, and 15 bottlecap necklaces! [As modeled by my ironing board. I'm running out of flat spaces to put this stuff...]

And here's what the necklaces look like out of a knot and on a neck.

I'm planning on making 5 more necklaces, and about 10 hemp bottlecap bracelets. My selling patterns in the past have led me to this specific product mix. I'm also going to have a few things left over from the last show, and as many bags as I can make before Wednesday. Wish me luck!

For the curious, the above pictures represent $320 worth of merchandise. That's $4 for earrings, and $8 for necklaces. I think I may be underselling myself a tad, but I really want to sell as much as possible to clean out my stash. Eventually I'll be moving, and I don't want to take all this with me! Anything that doesn't sell will probably be posted in my new Etsy store.

Here's some more swap booty, from the Ongoing Wish Swap #8 on Craftster. I asked for Japanese fabric pieces, and boy, was I spoiled! Raindrops sent me 7 different pieces of fabric. See the sushi one? How cute!

Here's my favorite:

There's enough here to make a small purse or clutch. I can't wait to use it!

In other news, my 'One Skein Wonder' is coming along great. All I have left is ribbing on the outside and one sleeve. Maybe a FO tomorrow?

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naelany said...

Wow, good luck with all that! Can't wait to see pics of the purses you're making.