Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring Arts & Crafts Show 2006

Well, there *would* have been a post about the craft show yesterday, but the internet was down in my building for several hours. How annoying...but it's (obviously) fixed now. :-P

So, without further ado, here's some pictures of my table!

An uninspired shot of the entire table. See the red thing on the right? That's a mohair capelet that I've been trying to sell for the past two years! :-D It is my goal to finally sell the damn thing this time. Wish me luck!
Also, I got lazy and only made one purse to sell. It was a huge pain and really put me off to making more. I prefer jewelry anyway...much less time to make, higher profit margin, and I don't have to use up my fabric!

Here's a closeup of the little earring mountain. I sold 11 pairs of earrings yesterday. I'm always amazed by how fast these go...

Bottlecap necklaces. oooOOOooo. I wish I could come up with a (cheap) better way to display these, but this will have to do. 3 of these went yesterday, as well.

And a shot of my table with some of the others. Once again, I am next to a very interesting woman named Elli. Every year she comes to the show with really unique items, and this year is no exception. Her new medium is recycled junk, like street signs, bottle caps (woot!), water bottles, and other ephemera. She makes really amazing sculptures. I have 2 Elli Groninger originals at home. :)

All in all, I made $75 yesterday...not bad for the first day. Things usually pick up on days two and three.

In other news, regardless of the huge Advanced International Trade exam I have coming up in only 5 hours (eep!), today is a superfantastic day, as the Manolo might say... ;)


Anonymous said...

Too bad i cannot secretly buy anything with out you knowing... till way later of course... :-*
Good Luck!

naelany said...

Good luck!!!!! *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

wow these earings etc are so cool :) :)
should never have got bored and followed links from friends websites to other websites to here, now just distracted by jewellery! :S :)