Monday, February 27, 2006

more graphic design, less craft

The Nittany Knitters website is up! For the most part, anyway. I have three pages to finish, and a few kinks to work out. I will be completely finishing it tomorrow afternoon. It's simple, but I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I'm very proud of the knit stitches border on the left...I've finally learned how to make repeating designs in Photoshop.

Speaking of that the logo I created has been shown to the appropriate people (i.e. the Movin' On core), I can post it here:

This logo will be on T-shirts, all kinds of publicity materials, and god only knows what else for Penn State's 12-hour farewell concert. Actual musicians from actual bands that people have actually heard of will each be getting a shirt with my logo on it. I am SO proud!

Now my next project is designing T-shirts for the 2006 ARHS Elections Commission....This should be fun. :)

Right now, craft-wise, I've unraveled two complete sweaters that I bought at T2T, I'm working on three sweaters for myself (I know :-P), and some really awesome stuff for my upcoming swap on Craftster. I'm really intimidated by my swap partner's talent, because I've seen some of the stuff she's sent out in past swaps. Therefore, I am giving the 'I heart my craft' swap 110% percent of my creative energy, and I am very pleased with how everything is coming out. Can't wait to post pics!

A craft endeavor that I forgot to post about, because I forgot to take pictures of it, is a scrapbook that I made for the boy for Valentine's Day. Now, usually, I think that sort of thing is a little silly to give a boyfriend. But this one appreciates my crafty side (I know, he is so a keeper!), so I decided to take a chance and do it. Well. Not only was it the most fun thing I've done in a long time, but he did like it! Now I wish I hadn't forgotten to get pictures of it for this blog. Maybe if he's reading this, though, he'll take some and send them to me...*hinthint* :-D

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday night / Thursday morning

I know I should be working on the knitting website. (And I am.) Plus, now I have a logo to work on, ASAP. But I was issued a challenge today, and I couldn't help myself.

They're for a friend who's working on a fundraiser in one of her classes. She gave me the concepts and I went to town. They're kind of Penn State inside jokes (but how inside can they be with 40,000 students?), and I'll explain them if anyone wants me to.

I really wish I had gotten some formal training in graphic design...I enjoy it so much, and I feel like I could be good at it if I wasn't flying by the seat of my pants.

In other news, the second PSU Trash to Treasure sale was on today, and I got 14 sweaters to unravel. 14!! And how much did I pay? $12, and that's including the 8 or so other shirts and a coat that I got as well. Sweet. I'll post some pictures of the massive pile of yarn-to-be on my bedroom floor sometime soon.

I'm also working on some stuff for a swap over on Craftster, which I'm dying to post about, but I"ll refrain until after I send out.

I just watched the Project Runway reunion (which was funny, but a little tame), and then Project Jay. #1. Jay McCarrol is easily the funniest and most genuine person on television right now. #2. Heidi Klum can shove it up her Victoria's Secret ass, because that dress was AMAZING.

That's all :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh, my god, I'm on the internet!

Check out pictures of my other dancer, Michelle, on the THON website gallery, sporting the THON gear I made for her!

Cape #2.

And here's the silly headband I made to go along with it.

filling you in on the last month or so...

I've finally been inspired to get my act together and take some pictures... Perhaps the following provided a little inspiration?

They were a Valentine's Day surprise from the boy. It's been a long time since anyone sent me flowers...and it completely made my day!

First, let's start out with recent events: THON. Anyone who knows Penn State is familiar with our 48 hour dance marathon to raise money to fight pediatric cancer. Two of my good friends were dancing this year, and I put together care packages for them.

Inside were lots of candy and goodies, with a blue theme (their team was Bada Bing Bada Blue). For each of them, I made a cape to make them easily identifiable on the floor. They had their name and dancer number on the back, and were made of blue sparkly fabric and white glitter felt. Here's Abbey modeling hers.

Here we are together, and she's sporting the THON eye mask I created. What dancing superhero would be complete without one? I didn't honestly expect her to wear it, but she did. :)

By the way, we raised $4,214,748.18 this year. GO STATE! BEAT CANCER!

In other news, I've been extremely delinquent in updating you all on projects. Without further ado, here is my Ribby Cardi (sans zipper):

A cabled hat, based on one from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation:

The hat (based on a design in a book), mitten (designed by yours truly), and scarf (simple 3X3 rib) set I made out of most of the recycled yarn I have left. Still one ball to go, though...

And last but not least, my 'panta' from a pattern. I used a small ball of Manos Del Uruguay left over from some socks that my mom knit a while ago. It is sumptuous and soft, covers up bad hair days, and I want to wear it constantly.

Excuse the over stylized image...I'm a little Photoshop-happy tonight. :-D

One more thing...Penn State now has an official knitting club, the Nittany Knitters. And guess who volunteered to be the webmaster? :-D Here's a link; there's nothing up yet, but I plan on having the basic site design done by the end of this week.