Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday night / Thursday morning

I know I should be working on the knitting website. (And I am.) Plus, now I have a logo to work on, ASAP. But I was issued a challenge today, and I couldn't help myself.

They're for a friend who's working on a fundraiser in one of her classes. She gave me the concepts and I went to town. They're kind of Penn State inside jokes (but how inside can they be with 40,000 students?), and I'll explain them if anyone wants me to.

I really wish I had gotten some formal training in graphic design...I enjoy it so much, and I feel like I could be good at it if I wasn't flying by the seat of my pants.

In other news, the second PSU Trash to Treasure sale was on today, and I got 14 sweaters to unravel. 14!! And how much did I pay? $12, and that's including the 8 or so other shirts and a coat that I got as well. Sweet. I'll post some pictures of the massive pile of yarn-to-be on my bedroom floor sometime soon.

I'm also working on some stuff for a swap over on Craftster, which I'm dying to post about, but I"ll refrain until after I send out.

I just watched the Project Runway reunion (which was funny, but a little tame), and then Project Jay. #1. Jay McCarrol is easily the funniest and most genuine person on television right now. #2. Heidi Klum can shove it up her Victoria's Secret ass, because that dress was AMAZING.

That's all :)


naelany said...

*raises hands* I'd like to be in on the joke ^_~
If you feel you could do well at the graphics design, why not check into getting a few courses or something? I think the shirts look great already, but that's just me ^_^

Amanda said...

The first and black were Penn State's original school colors, about a gazillion years ago. Coaley is a donkey that helped haul stones when the first buildings of the university were being built. His skeleton (eew!) is on display in the student union building.
The second one...only Pepsi products are sold at Penn State, so anyone who liked coke or diet coke (like myself) is SOL.