Monday, February 20, 2006

filling you in on the last month or so...

I've finally been inspired to get my act together and take some pictures... Perhaps the following provided a little inspiration?

They were a Valentine's Day surprise from the boy. It's been a long time since anyone sent me flowers...and it completely made my day!

First, let's start out with recent events: THON. Anyone who knows Penn State is familiar with our 48 hour dance marathon to raise money to fight pediatric cancer. Two of my good friends were dancing this year, and I put together care packages for them.

Inside were lots of candy and goodies, with a blue theme (their team was Bada Bing Bada Blue). For each of them, I made a cape to make them easily identifiable on the floor. They had their name and dancer number on the back, and were made of blue sparkly fabric and white glitter felt. Here's Abbey modeling hers.

Here we are together, and she's sporting the THON eye mask I created. What dancing superhero would be complete without one? I didn't honestly expect her to wear it, but she did. :)

By the way, we raised $4,214,748.18 this year. GO STATE! BEAT CANCER!

In other news, I've been extremely delinquent in updating you all on projects. Without further ado, here is my Ribby Cardi (sans zipper):

A cabled hat, based on one from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation:

The hat (based on a design in a book), mitten (designed by yours truly), and scarf (simple 3X3 rib) set I made out of most of the recycled yarn I have left. Still one ball to go, though...

And last but not least, my 'panta' from a pattern. I used a small ball of Manos Del Uruguay left over from some socks that my mom knit a while ago. It is sumptuous and soft, covers up bad hair days, and I want to wear it constantly.

Excuse the over stylized image...I'm a little Photoshop-happy tonight. :-D

One more thing...Penn State now has an official knitting club, the Nittany Knitters. And guess who volunteered to be the webmaster? :-D Here's a link; there's nothing up yet, but I plan on having the basic site design done by the end of this week.



Anonymous said...

I love the buckets you made for the girls, very nice! I still don't know HOW you find time for everything. The flowers are beautiful.
(Okay the one with the red hair)

PS Get that knitting web site going!

naelany said...

Those roses are absolutely beautiful! Roses are my favorite flowers lol (I know, they're rather stereotypical, but I love 'em, especially bloodred ones). You lucky thing ^_^

I think the THON things are brilliant, and how cool that your friend wore the mask *giggles*. Yay for raising so much money for cancer.

What's a panta, exactly? I love the picture, it makes the panta and your eyes really pop.
Are you going to show off the ribbed cardi once the zipper's in?