Friday, December 01, 2006


Swap: Christmas Stocking Swap 2
Recieved from: MissMeShell

I can't say enough about how much I love this package, or how much Meshell totally spoiled me. You can check out her blog here. She is amazingly talented, and I am very envious of her eye for colors and pattern.

Isn't the stocking fabulous? I love all the different fabrics she used. And the shape is so...Seussian! It's funny, we both sent curly-toed elf stockings with pointed cuffs. :) I'm going to put it on my office door, to bring some much needed Christmas spirit to my drab workplace.

I absolutely adore this wreath. It's based on one from my wists. All the different trims and buttons lend such a great retro feel. Must find the *perfect* place for this.
Wreath from MissMeShell
This wristlet is the perfect size for a night out: just big enough for keys, wallet, and my new awesome cell phone. Again with the wonderful fabrics...I spy some Denise Schmidt! *drool* Also based on something from my wists. Meshell did such a great job of picking some truly awesome goodies to make!
I've always been a big fan of Meshell's wrapped canvases, so I'm thilled to now be the owner of not one, but *two*! The little owlie is adorable. The larger canvas has a spot of honor in my bedroom.
Yay! Recipies! They all sound delicious, but the anzac biscuits and the quiches have majorly piqued my interest. And what pretty recipe cards!
Ok, now this is the deer that she says she doesn't like. I, however, LOVE it! It is so kitschy I can hardly stand it. It reminds me of some Christmas deer my grandparents used to put up during the holidays.
Some *very* pretty log cabin coasters. I feel like I need to invite people over right now, just so I can entertain and use these little pretties!
When I read the note she included with my package, I was astounded to find that she painted these lovely coasters herself! I just assumed that they were store bought. The patterns are from vintage fabrics. Brown + blue = love. :)
At last, a MissMeShell pincusion for my very own!! Love the fabric.
Here are some great ornaments that will be hanging on my tree this year. The blue one matches the deer, and the fabric one matches my stocking! I love the little Santa and candycane.
Hee hee...these patches are too funny! My mom and sister (both knitters) are jealous. Also, some cute stickers and a Santa box.
FABRIC! Oh, goodness, what lovely prints! The silky pink fabric just might become a dress for my Blythe. I'm going to use the cottons as a part of my secret quilt. Shhh...
Here are bits and bobs: some cute covered buttons, and ribbon.
Meshell also sent me an Australian postcard with a nice letter on the back, and two CD's. One is a fantastic Christas CD, and the other is Australian music. What a neat idea!
This 'Queen bitch' book is great! Each of the pages have a different funny saying on them. This one's my favorite! ;D
Some more Aussie souvenirs: a kangaroo, and a pen. The thrifted green yarn is *the* perfect shade of green.
Some Australian coins that I requested. One of their coins has a platypus on it! *dies*
And last but not least....CANDY! Embarassingly enough, about half of this is GONE now that I have taken pictures. YUM!
Thank you so much, Meshell...this was such an amazing swap!!

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