Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Have a holly jolly...

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I had a great - if a little rushed - time with family and friends. Among other things (an apple-green down parka for snowboarding! Sex and the City season six!), Santa brought yours truly some fun crafty stuff.

First, a "will knit for tattoos" knitting tote bag from Natalie Dee. Yes, the transformation is complete: I am truly a badass knitter. Many thanks to my sister for this one!

I was thrilled to get a copy of Craftivity. I've only had time to scan over it as yet, but it is even more awesome than I had hoped.

This Crafty Lady shirt from is my new favorite tee!

I also got a few Amazon gift certificates, which will most likely translate into crafty magazine subscriptions. I am lovin' the ReadyMade that I'm getting, and I'm thinking about picking up a subscription to Craft and renewing Interweave Knits.

Also, at long last, I am the proud owner of an industrial hand metal punch. What is crafty about that, you ask? Mu haha. Beware, coins and thin metal's ATCs and jewelry for you!

Sorta on the crafty front, here is another gift from the boy. It's a replica of the Japor pendant given to Padme by Anakin. I absolutely love it! Not only does it hold a lot of meaning to us both, but it is also a gorgeous replica. You may remember that I was searching for one to complete my as-yet-unfinished Padme costume this past Halloween. Now I have a ton of motivation to finish it for Halloween 2007!

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naelany said...

awww, you didn't finish the costume? That why there never were pictures? Hope you finish it though, I wanna see! ^_~

You got one heck of a loot, lady. And that pendant...very nice indeed