Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pictures for Karin

Ask and ye shall recieve!

I wish I could take a better pic for y'all, but these 7-5 days make me pretty much a creature of the night. Or at least the dark.

This actually shows the gradated fabric fairly well. It's a wonderful medium weight satin, and lined in navy anti-static lining fabric. After many dress-sticking-to-my-legs episodes, I'm getting smart.

After this project, I don't think I want to do any ruching again. Ever. Some of the seams were so bulky I was tearing my hair out.

It could use a good pressing, I think. I was so afraid of melting the fabric that I spared the iron a bit. Pretty, though, no? I love this color. Not many colors compliment my pasty skin well, so I'll keep navy in mind in the future.

And, also as requested...a semi close up, to show off my new necklace a bit. It doesn't even come close to doing it justice. Imagine a strand of white diamonds and a strand of black diamonds intertwined together as a pendant. Even the loop holding the pendant onto the chain has little diamonds on it.

Edit: I found a picture!

Oh, you may also have noticed that I dramatically changed the look of my blog. I figured I had to change to the new Blogger anyway, so why not play around a bit? Watch this space...I'll be tweaking for the next few days. Tell me what you think! Upgrade? Downgrade?


naelany said...

Wow!!!!! You look absolutely awesome! That dress is sooooo nice! And yes, do keep navy in mind for future clothing for you, it really looks good on you ^_^. Thank for the pictures! *grins at title of post*

Ouhhhhhhh, very purrrrdy! Your boy's got some taste ^_~

I like the new layout ^_^

Kris said...

Gorgeous dress! Kudos for taking on such a big project :)