Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holiday Dress in Progress

Here is my progress thus far on 'Holiday Dress 2006.'

Navy is quickly being my new favorite color against my pasty skin. It didn't get picked up too well in the picture, but the fabric fades to silver at the bottom.

I've tried it on, and it's actually a bit too big. Well, better than too small, right? I think I'd die, after all the time I spent ruching, if it was too small. I'm going to have to nip and tuck a little, but overall I am very pleased with how it's come out. After a few little alterations, I need to put an invisible zipper in (my first!), and do a rolled hem on the bottom. And finito!

Now I need to get me some navy pumps... :) I love a dress that gives me an excuse to shop for shoes!

Let me know what you think!


naelany said...

that dress is beautiful! I can't wait to see it on you, new pumps and all ^_~

Gloria said...

Wow! It looks awesome.