Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Swap Love

Swap: Friend of Craftster Swap 4, Package 3
Partner: ?? ;)

Package three = amazing. That's all I can say.

I will venture a guess that I am one of the few (if not the only) uberproud owners of a Ludo wrist cuff! I almost died from excitement when I opened this.

If you haven't already seen Labyrinth, go out and rent it this minute. It is funny, campy, sweet, and stars a much younger Jennifer Connelly, a cast of muppets, and David Bowie's crotch. Trust me, it's amazing.

Anyway, one of the characters from the movie is a seven foot tall muppet named Ludo. I *adore* Ludo. Unfortunately, because the movie came out in the 80's, merchandise featuring him is hard to find.

As you already know, I think Shaun of the Dead is a masterpiece. And she made me a cuff of that, too! That reminds me...I need to ask what transfer technique she used. The pictures are such great quality!

A sewing grrl's wardrobe is definitely not complete without a measuring tape wrist cuff. Well, I now have *two*! Check out the adorable snaps. How come my snaps never look that nice? My FOCer is truly a crafty goddess.

And the piece d'resistance...an amazing long wallet. First, please revel in the outer fabric. I don't think it could be more 'me' if I had picked it myself. And the tidy topstitching! The seamstress in me fainted.

And the inside...oh, the crazy, zany inside. I absolutely love it! And it's so practical, to boot! I can fit my cell phone, my Burt's Bees lip balm (that I can't leave the house without), change, all my cards, and moolah. With the handy wrist strap, it pretty much eliminates the need for a purse altogether! Extremely handy for bar outings.

At this point, it's pretty obvious to me who my partner is. I had an inkling after the second package, but I'm 99% positive now. I won't name names, but her username might just rhyme with 'dubba*blink.' ;) YOU ROCK!!

I already know what I'm sending you as a thank you, hee hee hee...

Updates coming soon:
- all 4 packages I sent for the FOC 4 Swap
- a custom purse I made for the Ball Ball / Invite Your Partner Swap
- the halter dress I'm determined to finish before it's too cold to wear it
- sparse info on Halloween costumes: they're a surprise, dontcha know...

Also, thank you Knitty, for once again being completely awesome. I haven't been totally thrilled with a few of their latest issues, but this one is completely on point.


naelany said...

haha! As soon as I saw that wallet, I knew it had to be her! She does awesome work! You've gotten lucky again!
The only thing I liked about Labyrinth though, was Ludo...the rest...yeah, not a huge 80's fan lol.
By the way, you're right about the outer fabric for that wallet. It's totally you. Actually, it reminded me of something you made a while ago..I think it was you anyway. In my mind it's connected with you anyway lol

Rebecca-bakesale said...

Ludo!! That is the best wrist cuff ever. I can't even count the number of times I've seen Labyrinth. It was the staple sleep over movie. Has there ever been a Labyrinth swap?

Amanda said...

Yes! I believe so. On Craftster, I think there's actually a discussion about a second one going on right now. Search for it! :)