Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just because... makes me laugh, every time.

And the best part is that it's actually a pretty good song! Not just a bad one that had a cool gimmicky video attached to it.

This video makes me want to buy a treadmill. Or eight. Must...lie down....and eat Oreos...until the feeling passes.

But if I do buy eight treadmills, perhaps Karin and I could each bring a friend and choreograph overly complex treadmill dances? As my most loyal reader (not counting Crazy McStalkerpants), you're my first choice for an exercise equipment boogie buddy! :-D


Gloria said...

I Tivo'd them performing that on the MTV VMAs. It's really scary to see them do it live. I kept thinking they would crash into each other or something.

But I do really like that video. And the song.

naelany said...

lol!! I'd love to be your work out buddy ^_^ Too bad we have to live in different parts of the country -_-
*chuckles* Still, the idea is funny ^_^