Tuesday, November 01, 2005

shiver me timbers

Happy belated Halloween, everyone!

This is definitely one of my favorite holidays: I love getting dressed up, and it gives me a chance to make some seriously fun costumes. All in all, this pirate costume cost me about $30 to make, just because of the number of different fabrics, trims, and notions. As noted in earlier posts, the skirt was a huge pain, and I don't know if I'd reccommend this pattern. After wrestling with it, though, I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Recognize the shirt? It pulled double duty in my Dorothy costume, in a more modest incarnation. These boots are hands down my favorite shoes ever, but unfortunately there aren't many occasions for knee-high black leather boots with a 4" heel.

My direction for this photo was to look "like a pirate." I think I look like a demented squirrel.

This one came out a little more sultry than I had anticipated, but I got no complaints from the peanut gallery (aka my photographer).

And so ends another Halloween...I'm getting old(er), but it's still fun to let the kid inside out to play every once in a while.

Now that I'm done with costumes, hopefully you'll soon be seeing the products of my labor for the winter craft show in December (which I haven't started working on yet...yikes).

Knitting Pattern of the Day: Snowball's Chance in Hell Armwarmers

And you have to check this out -- My favorite color scheme ever, in apartment form. This is something like what I'd want my studio/craft room/amandaspace (assuming I have the square footage) to look like when I get a place of my own.


naelany said...

You look hot, missy! That costume came out great! I like it even better then the Dorothy dress ^_^. I am still so in awe of your sewing skills. I wish I could kick that husband off mine in gear so he can finally teach me to sew already!

I like the armwarmers too. I can't wait to see what you make of them, since I doubt you'll be making them in the same colors?
As for the room, it's totally cool. Not something I could live with forever, but I do like it a lot. You'll be able to get away with something similar, I'm sure.

Curlie Girl said...

Your costume looks amazing! And so many added details...it looks like you spent a great deal of time and effort! I love the skull and crossbones on the skirt...very menacing...lol!

naelany said...

*blinks* What happened to the convention post, wait not convention..something with a c though. Mind's muddled at the moment. Everything ok?