Wednesday, November 16, 2005

where in the world is amanda?

Haven't updated in a while: the conference I mentioned in my last entry kind of ate my life. It was a very good time, and I met a lot of interesting people, but I was really too stressed out about the whole thing to fully appreciate how fun it was. We did, however, show over fifty schools from the central atlantic region just how awesomely Penn State rocks out. Mission accomplished.

On the craft front, I splurged and bought myself one ball of TLC's Cara Mia to start a Liesel scarf (see Knitting Pattern of the Day, below). I didn't allow myself to even think about starting it until CAACURH was over. The second I was free, I grabbed all the necessary accessories, collapsed in bed and started it. As much as I liked the 'melon' colorway it was done in, orange washes me out, so I chose 'aqua' and I'm very pleased with the results.

Making progress...


The lace pattern is complex but not hard -- i.e, I don't think I could memorize it, but this scarf could be done by any advanced beginner. All it requires is k, p, yo, ssk, k2tog, and sk2po.

Hopefully later tonight, I'll have time to post a few pictures of my dorm room. I spent all summer making and buying stuff to get it exactly the way I wanted it. I figured that I wouldn't have a lot of free time this year (*major* understatement; student government is holding my social life hostage), so I wanted my room to be as relaxing and home-y as possible.

I'm also noticing that I have at least three sweaters, a knitted tank top, and a capelet that I haven't shared on here yet. Once I find a photographer, I'll post pictures of them as well.

Knitting Pattern of the Day: Liesel scarf [PDF file].

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naelany said...

Wow, I like the scarf! I don't think I've seen that pattern before. And it even sounds like something I'd be able to do, if I understand the abreviations correctly.

I hope you find a photographer soon, with all the other stuff you haven't shared yet ^_~.
I can understand, by the way, the need to just collapse after a stressful (but fun) event and just knit.