Sunday, November 20, 2005

projects from the archives: sewing!

This was my first foray into adding embellishments to purses under a sewn-in layer of vinyl. These are various postcards by Anne Taintor about how much men suck...I call it my 'breakup bag'. :) I used this huge tote to lug around my art supplies for my brief time as an art major. Denim, vinyl, and postcards. Finished Fall '03.

I love this pattern and I've used it about a billion times since. It's the prefect size and shape, the straps are a great length, and it comes with a really cute little pouch. The awesome fabric is another piece that I inherited from my grandmother's stash. She certainly had a thing for frogs... Frog cotton and yellow cotton. Finished Summer '04.

Made with leftover brown cordoroy and paisely lining from a blazer I made ages ago. The postcard says '...and then she realized: they were all alike.' Cordoroy, lining fabric, brown satin ribbon, vinyl, and postcard. Finished Fall '04, and sold at a craft fair.

Made using scraps I had laying around, with a Vogue pattern whose number I can't remember. Text: 'He was not a fascinating as he had once appeared.' I love this one. Brown wool, striped cotton, vinyl, and postcard. Finished Winter Break '04.

Same pattern as the frog purse above. I was inspired by an incomplete deck of tarot cards. The model is none other than my twin sister. :) Denim, vinyl, and tarot cards. Finished Spring '05.

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naelany said...

I love your bags, they're cute and funny ^_^. And yes, your grandmother did have a thing for frogs ^_~.
I love the idea of using postcards (especially the vintage-y ones you used).