Saturday, October 22, 2005

Here's teaser shot of my pirate costume in progress -- hence the pins.

It was coming along really well...until I tried it on. The top and vest turned out great. But apparently the bloomer pattern included is NOT optional: the skirt is SO short it's positively indecent. I tried adding an inch or two to the waistband so it would sit lower on my hips, but it's still skanky beyond belief. I'm going to have to add a 3-4" modesty ruffle to make it wearable in public. Goodie. :-P

I haven't even started Dorothy yet...and Homecoming is FRIDAY! Ugh...

EDIT: I played around with the waistband some more and now it's of a decent length. Still quite sassy, but nothing that's going to get me in trouble. The applique is my *favorite* part. Now all that's left is getting some accessories together to really clinch the look. I'll post pictures after halloween!

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naelany said...

Looks cool! I'm glad that you got it worked out so you will be able to wear it out in public ^_~. After all, that's the point of making a costume, isn't it ^_~