Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got *two* packages from bhean on Craftster:

One for the DIY Kit Swap Round 5. It's a scrapbooking kit! I am a fledgeling scrapbooker, so I'm very excited about this one.

The second was for the Ongoing Wish Swap 12. Look at all the Blythe goodies she sent me! Apparently this was her first time making Blythe clothes. I find that hard to believe, though...everything is so well made! My favorite are the little teeny bunny slippers...they're so cute!

Annnd....I got my first package from the Friend of Craftster Swap Round 4 today. It is so awesome! My craftster sent six beautiful kanzashi hair clips, and some adorable thank you cards from my wists. I am already *very* curious to find out who my partner is!

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naelany said...

some really cool stuff! You're totally lucking out on your swap-mates