Monday, August 28, 2006

Swap Stuff!

Swap: Friend of Craftster Round 4
Partner: ??? (though I'm formulating an idea or two...)

Let me start by saying that I ADORE THESE PILLOWS. I squealed (really and truly) when I opened the package. They are based on a log cabin pillow that I had in my wists. The fabric selections are just perfect. Both pillows are so unique and beautiful!

Here's a shot of the backs.

And there are closeups of the two fronts. I can't tell you how much I love these! Coordinating with these might just be the only criteria I have in mind when we start sofa shopping. ;) Secret FOC, you ROCK! I can't wait to find out who you are!

Swap: Ongoing Wish Swap 13
Partner: knottydottie

Check out my new wallet from the talented Ms. Knottydottie! After years of carrying around the same old beat-up leather wallet, it's very nice to have something pretty to put my stuff in. And it also served as a catalyst for me to clean out my wallet...which is always a good thing.

Isn't it cute? :) Thanks to the creator for these pictures. They turned out way better than mine!

Swap: Ongoing Wish Swap 13
Partner: dontlookback

This is the recipe binder that I got from dontlookback. I am super excited about this swap goodie! She included a TON (and I do mean a ton) of recipes for me to try out. Including a lot of chocolate desserts! A girl can't go wrong with chocolate...

Here is the back, also very nicely decorated.

And look at these pretty dividers! Thank you, dontlookback!

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naelany said...

*chuckles* I think I said it already through Craftster, but you got some really nice stuff. The pillows are cool