Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Poptarts and Zombies

Swap Name: Ongoing Wish Swap 13
Partner: ChloeIsCrazy

ChloeisCrazy picked me for items off of my wists. She sent me a ton of little crafty goodies!

First, here's a pin based on one in my wists. I love so much that I'm planning on making a denim bag especially for it.

She also made a magnet in the same style. This one I'll take to work to cheer up my office.

Here's a really sweet little bracelet. It fits perfectly!

And a Pop-Tart stuffie, which I *would* have pictures of, but my sister stole it from me. Once I can grab it back, I'll take a pic or two. It is really adorable. :)

She also decorated the cutest little coin purse for me. I love the flower on the outside, and she embroidered my initials on the inside! Thank you, ChloeisCrazy!

Swap Name: Zombie Swap
Sent To: nikkidear

Anyone who knows me knows that Shaun of the Dead is pretty much my favorite movie of all time. It has everything...romance, an abundance of comedy, gore, guts, and ass-kicking zombie action! Plus, it's British!

My original partner for this swap had to drop out, and nikkidear graciously offered to send me a package. I'm *almost* done with the package that I'm sending her in return. Look how she spoiled me!

She sent me not one, but *three* shirts! I love them all, but the green one is my favorite :)

Close up...check out the excellent transfer quality!

She also sent me a set of three Shaun of the Dead magnets. One is in Italian, and one is in Spanish. "Zombie Party....una noche de muerte!" And a zombie finger puppet, which completely cracked me up.

Thank you, nikkidear!

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