Monday, July 31, 2006

First, you may notice that I've changed the title of my blog. Now that I'm no longer a college sudent (I'm getting used to the 'alumni' thing), it doesn't make much sense to be 'Of College and Crafting.' Unfortunately, my clever wordplay ends there. Any thoughts?

On to the swap stuff!

A fabric thank-you from snacker. I crafted for her in the Friend of Craftster Swap, Round Three. I love the owls!

Spinning kit from hoxerice for the DIY Kit Swap, Round Five.

And a close up of the lovely colored fiber she sent. I can't wait to get started!

And last, but certainly not least, here is the lovely embroidery that I got from kittykill.

Not one, but *two* pieces! They're destined to be applied to tote bags for knitting and other crafty endeavors. Aren't they beautiful?

And a bonus! Two tea towels that she picked up at an estate sale. The blue one will be the center of some kind of quilted wall hanging, and the asian print is destined to become yet another purse. Purses, like shoes, are one thing a girl just can't have enough of.

One thing I forgot to take pictures of is my booty from the QUILT CONVENTION that I went to this weekend! Or, more accurately, the quilt convention that my BOYFRIEND took me to. He told me that I had to post about it here, to show my crafty friends what a fantastic and supportive better half he is. Well, I already knew that, but now you do, too. ;)

It was his idea, believe it or not. He patiently followed me around for hours looking at beautiful quilts on display, then acted as my 'enabler' at the merchant section. I mean, he had me try out a $3K long-arm quilting machine! I almost died. I got four patterns, which I'll post as soon as I get the chance.

You're the best, babe. :)

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naelany said...

ouhh, love the coloring on that yarn! You lucky thing! Both on all the swap stuff, and on the enabling boyfriend. If only my hubby did that lol. He lets me go do stuff, but that'd be more fun even!