Monday, July 10, 2006

fabric overload

So, I wasn't going to buy any new fabric this summer, because I have more than enough to clothe a small army.

But, now that I have a big girl job -- and the paychecks to go along with it -- that lasted about a week. Here are some recent acquisitions:

I'm trying to decide if this unusual border print would be better utilized in a knee-length loosely pleated skirt, or a peasant top. Jury's still out.

This pretty fabric is so soft and drapey, I couldn't help but get some. I'm going to make a really pretty spaghetti-strap summer nightgown out of it.

This beautiful brocade will be the main fabric for my first-ever technically correct corset. I think I'm going to go for a sweetheart overbust, 3-4" reduction, with attached garters. We'll see how that goes :)

This, I think, will be made into a sundress. Very bright and cheery, and I love how big the scale of the pattern is!

This piece was given to me by the lovely tatoola on Craftster...she found it in a thrift store, and bought it because she remembered someone wanted kitchen fabric. And she sent it to me, without expecting anything in return. How sweet is that? (She definitely *won't* be getting nothing back from me :)) I love all I need is a kitchen! :-D

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