Saturday, July 22, 2006


My big projects for myself right now are a traditional quilt, and an Amy Butler Weekender Bag in a fantastic brown fabric with green flowers. Pictures tomorrow, I swear.

I'm in 5 swaps on right now...and having a blast. I have a ton of half-finished random things around the house. More when I've gotten some stuff done.

Very exciting news...I've been given permission to make a costume for the boy this Halloween. And I can keep it a surprise! It'a good thing he agreed to it, because I bought the pattern a week or so before I even asked him. :) His costume, in tandem with mine, should be verrry interesting.

Oh, and: I bought my own car. I'm a brunette now, for evah. I'm 22 (as of a month ago). And we got another dog. I'm not very good at this 'updating thing.' :-P

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naelany said...

Yes, I fixed the thing that made me unable to comment!!!! Weee!!! lol

I love the fabrics you bought. I miss seeing you online, your FO's always inspire ^_^.

Brunette forever??? What did you do? Pics?