Monday, May 22, 2006

Work is eating my life (in a good way), but I've still managed to get some crafty stuff done. Most notably, a clutch for kittykill on Craftster, for Ongoing Wish Swap 10. As usual, I forgot to take pictures, so here are hers:

It's Amy Butler's 'Velma' pattern. I loved making it so much that I'm doing another one for myself, and yet another for batgirl (also for Ongoing Wish Swap 10). Yay!

I'm also signed up for a DIY Kit Swap: I'm getting a yarn-dyeing kit, and a lip balm kit, and making a stuffed animal kit and a purse kit; and a Friend of Craftster Swap. Expect pictures from the former, but not the latter...It's a long-term secret swap. I can't wait! :-D

In other news, I got my diploma in the mail today, so it's official: I'm graduated. Wow. I think part of me still believes I'll be going back to school, come fall. Wierd.

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naelany said...

yay for diplomas! Now go do something crafty with it, to commemorate the fact that you're out of school! By the way, nice job on that clutch!