Wednesday, May 10, 2006

life, orchids, and swap booty

I've been bad about posting, but I have about a gazillion good excuses. Not the least of which being my move home and starting my full time job! :) Everything is going well on that front...but I'll save details for a non-crafty blog.

What I will not save you from, however, is pictures of the GORGEOUS flowers that my incredibly thoughtful boy sent me for graduation. They arrived just as I was unpacking my stuff at home on Thursday...I was tired, worn out, and very sad to be leaving Happy Valley for the last time. They were the perfect pick me up. <3

If I look harried here, it's because, well, I was! Two hours of packing, three hours of driving, and another two hours of unpacking had taken their sweaty, exhausting toll on me. Just ignore the gross girl and look at the beautiful orchids.

There were so many, I literally couldn't fit them into one vase. So I now have *two* beautiful arrangements of my absolute favorite flowers gracing my home.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful welcome home. :-*

Here's an update on swap items I've recieved recently, from Ongoing Wish Swaps 9 & 10 on
Kristen 81 sent me this Domokun cover for my Dell DJ! Kristen hand-sewed this awesome cozy for my MP3 player with nothing but simple dimensions to guide her. It fits perfectly!


Attacking some classy cement bunnies!!

Batgirl sent me some beautiful roving to feed my needle felting habit:

Americandemockracy sent me this great sewing goodies bag, in my favorite color:

It has pockets for all my accessories. And look! She added a bonus matching zip pouch. :)

I think I'm addicted to swaps. :-D

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naelany said...

those are beautiful! How sweet of him!