Wednesday, May 03, 2006


At long last, I have completely finished the Ribby Cardi. I like it very, very much. I would love it, except the damn thing is too short. I love the colors, though, and it is quite warm. It was very relaxing to knit. I got the yarn from my mom for Christmas, and had most of it finished by New Year's. I just dragged my feet on the finishing. What do you think?


We only had one (borrowed) gown (why buy another one if we're not going to graduation?), so I had to Photoshop us together onto the Lion Shrine. Can you tell? :) Actually, I just noticed one wierd spot as I'm looking at it now, but I'll fix that ASAP.

So now, I am officially done everything college. I await my grades, and my full time job, which starts on Monday.


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naelany said...

*throws confetti* Yay, congratulations on graduating! Good luck with the new job! I'll be thinking of you.

As for the cardi, I love it, though as you said, it's a bit short. Perhaps you can take out the zipper, pick up stitches on the bottom and knit a couple of inches to it? At least now I know that if I ever manage to make one for myself, I need to make sure to knit a few inches more then it calls for in the pattern.
The colors look great though ^_^