Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quilt Island, Day ?? (I've lost track)

57/99 squares quilted.

The index and middle fingers on both my hands are starting to look like raw hamburger. Such is the plight of an awkward ambedextrious quilter who can't use thimbles.

I just keep telling myself that I'm making progress. I'm over half done quilting the blocks, so I'm on the downswing, right?? I spent a good chunk of today marking the remainder of the squares, so I don't have to keep stopping to find my magic fabric pen.

I have a little distraction from Quilt Island, which is proving handy. I'm surprising my younger sister with a cute clutch purse for her senior prom. My mom's making her dress (go Mom!), so I stole the leftover fabric for my little secret project. So far, it's turning out really nice! I'm using a pattern from Amy Butler's book 'In Stitches.' I've gotta say, it's REALLY nice to sew a curved line! I feel like it's been years since I worked on anything but straight-line quilting stuff.

I'll post some pics of the finished product. Her prom is next weekend...wish me luck in getting it done!

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crafty_kat said...

Good luck! And how come you can't use a thimble?? Sounds awfully painful to me.... Do take care of yourself?
Sorry I've been so out of touch... life's just not been very...accommodating lately.