Monday, March 19, 2007

Quilt Hell

I found this on Craftster this morning, and it seemed rather apropos.

Now, I love my machine dearly, and while it's not quite posessed, we're not exactly on speaking terms right now. Read on...

The Large Surprise that I've been mentioning here and there is a quilt. King sized. Yesterday, I got the back pieced together, made my quilt top - batting - backing sandwich, pinned and basted the hell out of it, and then tried to start quilting on my trusty little Kenmore.


I pushed and shoved and folded and squished and twisted and contorted and managed to quilt the center square in the rather simple pattern I've chosen. I figured if I could quilt the center block, I could quilt the whole thing, right? I gleefully extricated the quilt from my machine and brought it over to a table to inspect it.

First, the stitch length was WAY wrong...short here, long there...I figure that's a result of all the manipulating I had to do to quilt it. That alone I might have been able to live with. wonderful machine got GREASE on my beautiful quilt!!

Long story short, it looks like it will come out. But, I have decided that machine quilting it is too much of a hassle and thusly I will be hand quilting the entire thing. I'm nuts, I know. But I've gotten a handful of squares done (out of 99 :-/), and while my fingers are majorly sore, it looks really nice. Vintage without that primitive/country look that I dislike so.

I am itching to post pics!! Alas, it's not up to me...but I hope it's soon. I am getting impatient. ;)

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Andrea said...

Nothing like a little hand-sewing to keep you on your toes: or at least on sore fingertips.