Monday, November 06, 2006

Swap Info Post

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and making a swap info sheet for my Craftster partners.

About Me
I’m a 22-year-old recent PSU grad turned working stiff. I’m living at home for now, but will eventually be moving out with my SO. ;D There’s a cat and three dogs in my house, one of which is mine. He’s a large border collie / german shepherd mix named Taz, and he likes to wear festive, seasonally-themed bandanas.

- My Wists
- My Craftster profile
- Staarlight's Etsy Shop

I Can...
- Sew
- Knit
- Crochet [a little]
- Decoupage
- Bind books and journals
- Make jewelry
- Quilt
- Make stuffies

I’d Like To Learn...
- Resin
- Screen printing
- Glass etching

Objects, Symbols and Themes I Like
- Anything Japanese
- Domokun
- Blythe dolls
- Tattoo flash art [swallows, etc.]
- Retro 50’s housewife-ish stuff
- Sushi
- Green apples
- Avocados
- Cherry blossoms, orchids and lotuses
- Anne Taintor’s art
- Kitsch

Objects, Symbols and Themes I Don’t Like
- Hello Kitty
- Country / primitive style

Colors and Combos I Love
- Favorite color: apple green
- Blue and brown together
- Retro color combinations
- Pastels with dark brown
- Greens, blues, and browns
- Silver (in jewelry)

Colors and Combos I Don’t Like as Much
- Hot pink
- Neon colors
- Pastels by themselves
- Orange and yellow [OK in moderation]
- Gold (in jewelry)

Craft Supplies
- Fabric, especially cotton prints
- Natural fiber yarn
- Unusual beads
- Inkjet Shrinky-Dink plastic

Smells and Flavors I Like
- Pumpkin
- Ginger
- Cherry blossom
- All kinds of chocolate, but especially dark

Smells and Flavors I Don’t Like
- Lavender
- Vanilla
- Cherry
- Heavy floral scents
- Nuts

I Collect...
- Pressed pennies
- Fabric
- 7.5” x 4.5” pieces of printed 100% cotton [for a quilt]. I would like each rectangle to be a different fabric. The quilt will have 111 different fabrics, if I ever finish it. ;D
- Charms for charm bracelets

Random Info
- I’m allergic to nickel in earrings


naelany said...

thank you for jumping ^_~

MissMeshell said...

Yay! Was just stalking you a little more and this popped up, very helpful! =P xox