Monday, November 13, 2006

Craftacular Tutorial & Flickr

I have a tutorial for postcard purses up on Craftacular, a neat new wiki-style craft site. Thanks to Shana for asking if she could post it! Here are two purses I've made in the past using this technique:

Also, I started up a flickr account a while ago, and promptly forgot to post about it. It's just crafty stuff, and it's supposed to be sort of a reference for my swap partners. Also, sometimes it's just satisfying to have visual documentation of your body of work.

1 comment:

little said...

Super cute! I love postcards, those ones are great =)

I just made you something and I am so happy with it, I hope you like it! I just had to come and tell you because it's 1AM here and everyone is sleeping so I have no-one to show it to, LOL =P

Hope you had a good day at work! Bedtime for me now =)
Meshell xox