Sunday, February 11, 2007

So what does 40+ yards of fabric look like?

Crinkle cotton. 4 yards. Destined to become a loose three- or four-tiered skirt.

Sheer. 5 yards. I bought this because the pattern is awesome, and it matched a green bikini I have perfectly. This will be a beach coverup/sarong.

Slightly sheer. 5 yards. Unfortunately, this picture does the fabric no justice. It is a beautiful dull gold, with black velvet flocked cherry blossoms. I'll use this as an overlay on a simple black evening dress.

Lightweight silky print. 6 yards. I've actually already made a (90% complete) dress out of this fabric. It's a pain to work with, but I love the pattern. not sure yet what this will be.

Denim with copper print. 3 yards. Yes, I know it'a kind of tacky. My shopping partner pointed this out to me. However. I think that used in serious moderation as an accent on purses and wallets, this could be really cool. Stay tuned to see if it ends up looking like a hot mess.

Heavyweight green denim. 2 2/3 yards. Love the color. This will be a fitted blazer.

Cotton. 3 yards. I have no idea what I'll do with this. But aren't the colors great?

Lightweight silky print. 4 yards. The wild child in me screams "Make a dress!" But I know in my heart of hearts that I am not capable of wearing such a bold fabric head to toe. A fluttery tank/shirt, maybe? Lining for a blazer?

Poly blend. 2 yards. Skirt for work.

Poly blend. 3 yards. Another skirt for work.

Cotton. 3 yards. Yet another skirt for work. The white flowers are printed on, and the gray ones are flocked over top. Looks better in person.

All in all, a *very* fruitful trip to the fabric store. :) Now, someone please put a zap collar on me so I don't go back for a good long time!

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crafty_kat said...

Wow!!! You got some rockin' fabric there. Funny, that 5 yards of sheer, first thing that popped in my head was "sarong!!" ^_^

Hey, you didn't put the bar in for the dress you're almost done with :P

That green denim will be great for you ^_^

Ouhhhhh, I'm so not showing my niece that pink/green cotton lol. I'd never hear the end of that (anything pink and the girl goes nuts!). I can't wait to see what you'll make with that.

As for the bold print fabric, how about an A-line flowy skirt with a blazer that has that as lining?

Man, so much awesome'd better be a crafting fiend, because I want to see everything! ^_~