Sunday, January 15, 2006

all the news that's fit to print

Back from my one month hiatus (too much time spent relaxing over break...not enough time posting), with a new address, and some new crafty stuff to share!

I've been a busy girl. For now, though, all I have pictures of is the dress that I made last semester. Here's me and my favorite graduate...doesn't he look handsome? :)

Unfortunately, because it was freezing at graduation, I didn't get any full body shots without a coat on. But, the dress was very well recieved, so I consider it a resounding success.

Other things I'll be showing you soon: my almost-completed Ribby Cardi, my barely-started cabled/ribbed hoodie, and an Unbiased that I may frog later in favor of today's pattern of the day.

I'll try to post some pictures later this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow at the latest. Hooray for three day weekends!

Knitting Pattern of the Day: Sunburst Sling Bag...which is on its way to me as we speak!!

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naelany said...

I think you look very nice. You two do look very cute together ^_^